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BMSC.2420 Organic Structures and Reactions I (Formerly 36.341)(Formerly MLSC.3410)

Id: 004789 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Fundamental principles of organic chemistry are presented (i.e., structure and bonding, physical and chemical properties, and chemical reactions of carbon-containing compounds), emphasizing concepts relevant to health-related field and providing the foundation for the chemical principles underlying human biochemistry and clinical chemistry. Detailed structural and chemical properties are presented on the major functional classes of organic compounds, as well as nomenclature, structure-stability-reactivity relationships, and stereochemical principles. Reaction mechanisms are presented throughout, as well as how organic chemistry applies to biochemical pathways and the structure and function of biologically important compounds.


HSCI.2510 Physiological Chemistry I, or CHEM.1110 General Chemistry I, or CHEM.1210 Chemistry I, or CHEM.1350 Honors Chemistry I, and Co-req: BMSC.2440 Organic Structures & Reactions Lab I, or Student in Nutritional Science Dietetics Option.

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