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Chemical Engineering Major


The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a major in Chemical Engineering that allows students to pursue the following options:

  • General Option
  • Bioengineering Option
  • Nanomaterials Engineering Option
  • Nuclear Engineering Option

The B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (

The traditional role of the undergraduate program is to educate students for employment in the chemical and related industries and to prepare them for advanced study. Students have a unique opportunity to specialize in areas such as bioengineering, nanomaterials engineering or nuclear engineering. The curriculum is designed to develop skills in the use of science, sensitivity in the application of ethical considerations, sensibility in economic matters, and creativity in solving engineering problems. Students complete a series of courses in basic sciences and mathematics which form the basis for specialized engineering courses. Woven throughout the curriculum are courses in the arts and humanities and the social sciences that broaden perspectives, maintain and improve communication skills, and expose the engineering students to concepts of values and ethics.


The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a combined BSE/MSE program. Students with a 3.000 minimum cumulative grade point average in the second semester of the junior year may apply for admission to the program. The program allows students to use six credits of graduate level courses to be used to satisfy BSE and MSE requirements. For more information, see graduate catalog.

For additional information about programs, contact the Department of Chemical Engineering.