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Degree Pathway, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Engineering

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation consists of ten courses (30 credits), including 4 core courses (12 credits), 5 elective courses (15 credits, 3 of which must come from the Francis College of Engineering, and 2 elective courses from the Manning School of Business) and a one course (3 credit) capstone.

Program Core Courses (Choose 4)

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ENTR.6350Financing Innovation & Technology Ventures3
ENTR.6400New Venture Creation3
ENTR.6450New Product Development3
ENTR.6500Innovation & Emerging Technology3
ENTR.6510Technological Entrepreneurship3
MKTG.6300Market Research3

Program Electives (5 Required Courses)

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ENTR.6100Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation I
MIST.6350Project Management3
MECH.5760Engineering Project Management3
MECH.5750Industrial Design of Experiments3
MECH.5710Collaborative Engineering and Quality 3
ENTR.6550Corporate Entrepreneurship3
MGMT.6400Managing Entrepreneurial Teams3
PLAS.5370Business Law for Engineers3
PLAS.5900Intellectual Property3
PUBH.6070Healthcare Information Systems3
MKTG.6010Customer and Markets3
MKTG.6200Sales Management3
MSIT.5650Cloud Computing 3
ENTR.6700Global Entrepreneurship3

Special Topics Additional electives with the Coordinator approval3
Full list of electives below.

Program Capstone

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ENTR.6800Capstone in Entrepreneurship and Innovation3

Total = 30 credits

Full Elective List:

Choose 3 elective courses from the Francis College of Engineering, and 2 elective courses from the Manning School of Business.

Eligible Manning School of Business electives:

ENTR.6100 Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation I

ENTR.6110 Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation II

ENTR.6550 Corporate Entrepreneurship

ENTR.6600 Entrepreneurial Teams*

ENTR.6880 Current Topics in Entrepreneurship

ENTR.6890 Entrepreneurship Internship

ENTR.6990 Independent Study in Entrepreneurship

MKTG.6010 Customers and Markets

MKTG.6200 Sales Management

MKTG.6250 Digital Marketing

MKTG.6300 Market Research

MGMT.6100 Managerial Leadership

MGMT.6250 Negotiations

MGMT.6600 The Future of Work

MGMT.6650 Managing in the Digital Economy

MIST.6070 Electronic Business

MIST.6350 Project Management

MIST.6060 Bus Intelligence and Data Mining

POMS.6020 Global Supply Chain Management

ACCT.6220 Globalization and Accounting

FINA.6010 Corporate Finance

FINA.6100 Global Financial Markets and Monetary Policy

FINA.6110 Financial Statement Analysis

FINA.6910 International Finance

Eligible Engineering, Science and Health Sciences electives:

PLAS.5370 Business Law for Engineers

MECH.5760 Engineering Project Management

PLAS.5900 Survey of Intellectual Property

MECH.5750 Industrial Design for Experiments

PUBH.6070 Healthcare Information Systems

MSIT.5650 Cloud Computing

PLAS.5530 Medical Device Design I

MSIT.5320 Managing Large Data Sets

PUBH.5140 Healthcare Management

PUBH.6350 Healthcare Project Management

PLAS.5180 Plastics Product Design

CHEN.5550 Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

**Others upon approval of Program Coordinator.

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