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Financial Information

Financial Information

University-related costs include tuition and mandatory fees.

Please contact the Solution Center for more information about tuition and fees.

New England Regional Student Program

UMass Lowell offers a competitive tuition rate to graduate students who are residents of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. For more information check out the New England Regional Tuition Rates.

Health Insurance

Mandatory on-campus (accident) insurance is charged to all graduate students. All graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours will be charged for health insurance as required by state law. Graduate students may waive student health insurance charges if they maintain comparable insurance coverage and complete an insurance waiver form by the required deadline. Forms are available in the Office of Graduate Admissions and Accounts Receivable Office, Dugan Hall, UMass Lowell South. Family health insurance plans are also available with options for coverage of spouses and/or spouses and dependent children.

International Students: As authorized under the insurance laws for higher education students in Massachusetts (section 275 of Chapter 151 of the Acts of 1996), the University of Massachusetts Lowell requires that all international students must enroll in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan.


The Veterans Administration has approved the University of Massachusetts Lowell for undergraduate study. Visit the Office of Veterans Services for more information.

Residency Classification

Rules for Determination of Domicile

University tuition rates are established on the basis of official state residency as determined by a student's true "domicile." "Domicile" is defined as a person's true, fixed and permanent home and place of habitation where he or she intends to remain permanently or for an indefinite time. Massachusetts residency for tuition purposes is not acquired by mere physical presence in Massachusetts while a person is carrying on a course of study at the University. A student's residency status is based on a determination of one's domicile at the time of entry or re-entry to the University. A student may apply to be reclassified at any time and must provide detailed documentation to support the claim that he or she met the requirements for Massachusetts residency for tuition purposes at the time of his or her entry as a student. One notable exception is made for students who marry Massachusetts residents while enrolled in a course of studies. The complete set of rules are attached to the application for reclassification.

Payment of Bills

Graduate students will be permitted to attend classes and to utilize university facilities only after they have cleared all their financial obligations to the university. Financial obligations include indebtedness for library and parking fines, rental payments and repayment of emergency loans. All bills are payable in advance by check or money order and are due as specified on the student invoice. Major credit cards are also accepted. All payments of fees and tuition should be made payable directly to the University of Massachusetts Lowell. A student in debt to the university at the end of any semester or summer session is not permitted to register again at the university until his or her indebtedness has been discharged. In addition, student transcripts and diplomas will not be released unless all indebtedness has been discharged.

Pay My Bill

Overdue Accounts

Should it be necessary to utilize the services of a collection agency or attorney for an overdue student account, the student will be liable for any and all legal fees, commissions, and associated service charges.

Payment Plans

The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a low-cost, interest-free payment option. This plan allows students to budget the annual cost of tuition and fees over a ten month period. Visit the Solution Center for more information on payment options.

University Charges

University-related costs include tuition and mandatory fees. Please contact the Solution Center for more information on tuition and fees.