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Kennedy College of Sciences

Kennedy College of Sciences

The UMass Lowell Kennedy College of Sciences fosters critical and creative thinking for future solutions to environmental, economic and human problems, while helping students to develop the capacity to respond to a changing world.

A wide range of ongoing research and project opportunities exist within the various degree programs, and interdisciplinary study is emphasized. Graduates of these programs are heavily recruited both regionally and nationally by industry and governmental agencies.

Faculty in the Kennedy College of Sciences

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Graduate Programs Offered 

Master of Science (MS) - degree awarded in the following fields:

Biological Sciences:

  • General Option
  • Bioinformatics Option
  • Biotechnology Option
  • Education, Communication and Outreach Option (This program does NOT lead to teaching licensure)
  • Chemistry General Option
  • Chemistry and Polymer Science Professional Science Masters (no longer accepting applications)
  • Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Professional Science Masters (no longer accepting applications)
Computer Science:
  • Computer Science General Option
  • Cybersecurity option
  • Masters in Information Technology
Environmental Studies:
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Atmospheric Sciences Option
  • Environmental Geoscience Option
  • Professional Science Masters in Environmental Geoscience (no longer accepting applications)
Marine Sciences and Technology:
  • Marine Sciences and Technology General Option
  • Professional Science Master's Option (Coastal and Ocean Administration, Science and Technology) 
  • Mathematics General Option
  • Applied and Computational Mathematics Option
  • Mathematics for Teachers Option
  • Probability and Statistics Option
  • Professional Science Master's Option (Industrial Mathematics) (no longer accepting applications)
  • Physics General Option
  • Optical Sciences Option
Radiological Sciences and Protection
  • Radiological Sciences and Protection 
  • Radiological Sciences and Protection - Medical Physics Option
  • Professional Science Master's Option  (Radiological Protection) (no longer accepting applications)

Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D.) - degree awarded in the following fields:

  • Applied Biology
    Biomedical Science
    Developmental & Evolutionary Biology  
    Quantitative Biology & Biophysics
    Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
    Biochemistry Option
    Environmental Studies Option 
    Sustainability Option
    Polymer Science
  • Computer Science
    Computational Mathematics Option
  • Earth System Science
  • Marine Sciences and Technology
  • Physics 
    Aerospace Sciences Option
    Energy Engineering Option
    Radiological Sciences Option
    Medical Physics Option
    General Option
  • Plastics/Engineering Option
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