Undergraduate Students

Additional Fees for Undergraduate Students

All Students: Important Health Insurance Information

State law requires that every UMass Lowell student complete a Health Insurance Coverage Selection form online upon entering the University and each academic year thereafter. Students covered under another health insurance policy (under a parent/guardian, spouse or self) may waive the Health Fee by logging into the Student Information System (iSiS).

International Students: Important Health Insurance Information

UMass Lowell requires that all International Students be enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan. For more information regarding International Student Health Insurance Requirements or Rules for Maintaining Status, visit the International Student & Scholars office.

Additional Fees for Full- and Part-Time Undergraduate Students

The fees listed below may be applied to your account total depending on your individual status or courses enrolled in. For a more detailed description of these fees, please refer to the charge descriptions.

Students covered by another health insurance policy (under parent/guardian, spouse or self) can waive the Health Insurance Fee.

Estimated Fees* ($U.S.) for the 2013-2014 Academic Year
Per Semester, Unless Otherwise Noted

Fee Description Charge
College & Department Fees Art Department $200
College of Engineering $275
College of Health Sciences $275
Manning School of Business $110
Music Department $325
College of Sciences $275
First-Year Student Services Fee Billed to incoming Freshmen, Transfer students, Re-admit students and Graduate students $200
Graduation Fee Billed to students classified as Seniors $150
Health Insurance Fee Students are required by Massachusetts State Law to have health insurance $1,402/year
International Student Fee Billed to International students $250

Nursing Exit and Specialty Exam Fees Course Number Course Name  Charge
Sophomore Nursing Students 33.210 Nursing Fundamentals $37
30.319 Pathophysiology $37
Junior Nursing Students 33.310 Health Promotion Family I $74
33.314 Health Promotion Family II $74
33.318 Pharmacology $37
Senior Nursing Students 33.410 Nursing Acute Care $37
33.413.101 Role Transition $74
33.651.201 Advanced Health Assessment Fee $400

*These prices are subject to change by vote of the UMass Board of Trustees.

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