Your Cost Of Attendance (COA)

Financial aid is available to help you pay for college. We use the Cost of Attendance (COA) and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to determine the amount and types of aid you may get.

The cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of the cost of attending UMass Lowell. The Financial Aid Office assign an estimated cost of attendance for each student to determine the maximum amount of financial aid needed to attend.

The cost of attendance is based on residency status, career level, and whether the student will be living on-campus, off-campus or commuting. The cost of attendance includes both direct and indirect costs.

Direct Costs: These are the charges you will see on your student bill. Direct costs may include tuition, fees, on-campus food and housing.

Indirect Costs: These are estimates of other expenses you may have while attending the university. Indirect costs may include books, off-campus housing and transportation.

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