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You have a passion for solving problems and the ambition and drive to create a new product or venture. Now you can highlight your entrepreneurship experiences in and beyond the classroom.

The River Hawk Experience Distinction: Entrepreneurship

To earn the distinction in Entrepreneurship, you must:

  • Sign up for the Distinction
  • Complete and reflect upon two approved Entrepreneurship courses
    • If there is a course that you’d like to recommend for inclusion on this list you may submit your suggestions through the RHED student portal, and we’ll send your recommendation to the department for their consideration
  • Complete and reflect upon two approved Entrepreneurship experiences

RHED approved experiences may be either:

  • Pre-approved from the Entrepreneurship experience list
  • Custom-designed Entrepreneurship experience:
    • Submitted by you to reflect your personal interests
    • Must meet at least half of the distinctions learning outcomes
    • All submission must be made prior to starting the experience
    • The approval process takes approximately 30 days and is approved by the RHED committee

The RHED Entrepreneurship Rubric lays out the learning outcomes targeted for this distinction that you will be able to showcase to employer and/or graduate schools after completion.

Once you have completed your approved courses and experiences, and submitted them, with the required reflections, through the RHED Portal, this distinction will be added to your transcript.

Please note: Only courses and experiences that take place after you have signed-up for RHED may be used to fulfill RHED requirements. For each experience, you must submit a reflection guided by the RHED prompt. For each course, must submit both a reflection and a supporting “>learning artifact”. Reflections and artifacts must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the course or experience.

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