River Hawk Experience Distinction Course Designation Rubric: Entrepreneurship

The dimensions identified below are qualities that we hope to encourage in RHED Entrepreneurship students.

Please note that these outcome descriptions are aspirational; students may be called on to achieve some measure short of total mastery in any category, depending on the course aims and level. Download the full Entrepreneurship Rubric (xlsx).

Entrepreneurship Dimensions:Description of mastery-level performance of the outcome.
Defining problemsStudents demonstrate the ability to articulate a problem with clarity and insight, incorporating evidence related to all relevant contextual factors.
Proposing solutionsStudents propose solutions that address thoroughly the multiple contextual factors and challenges of the problem.
Innovative thinkingStudents extend a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product to create new knowledge or knowledge that crosses boundaries.
Taking risksStudents seek out untested approaches to the work at hand. Risks may include the risk of failure to successfully complete the assignment, tackling controversial topics, advocating unpopular ideas or solutions, etc.
Effective communication
Students demonstrate a complete understanding of context, audience, purpose, and format that is responsive to the occasion, communicating ideas clearly and appropriately.
Drawing explicit connections between co-curricular and academic experiences
Students identify or synthesize connections between classroom experiences and experiences of other kinds, deepening their understanding of their academics and broadening their points of view.
Reflection on skills and qualities related to the distinction
Students demonstrate self-awareness in their learning, and evaluate the changes in their knowledge, skills, or disposition in relation to the dimensions above.