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Michelle and Zach-2Two UMass Lowell students, Michelle Campbell and Zachary Kondoroski, are the national winners of the 2015 Charles Phillips Outstanding Student Leadership Award of the Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society for Economics.  Michelle and Zach have just graduated from UMass Lowell.  Here they are with Professor Monica Galizzi on the day of the 2015 University Commencement.  Congratulations Michelle and Zach, thank you for your work, and best of luck for your future endeavors!  More about Michelle and Zach.

Professor William Lazonick's research covered on the front page of the Boston Globe on Sunday, May 31, 2015.  "Feast for Investors Sells Workers Short"


Honors Economics student Daniel Muise ('16) is working on an FAHSS Honors Co-op research contract with Gary Lyn, Ph.D. With Lyn and coauthor Jiaming Mao, Ph.D., he's now helping to create a nuanced model of high-skilled immigration's effect on native wages and life indicators.

Michael Carter comments on Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency

Publications from the UMass Lowell faculty Symposium 

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