The Economics Department provides the conceptual tools and analytic skills necessary for success in a broad range of careers.

The Economics Department is part of the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Economists use mathematical models to study and inform decision-making processes across a wide range of subjects. Due to the strong analytical foundation, economics provides a valuable and flexible career path after graduation. These include careers in energy and the environment, finance, management, law, national security, politics, scientific research and development, technology, and government and public policy. Economists are key members of a variety of institutions, including Amazon, Apple, the Brookings Institution, the Congressional Budget Office, the Federal Reserve System, Goldman Sachs, Google, and many others.

Our faculty have diverse backgrounds. Prior to joining our department, they have worked as investment bankers, program directors at research institutions, advisors at the Federal Reserve Board and so on. Moreover, our faculty are actively engaged in research and publish in high-quality academic journals. These experiences guide our faculty’s teaching philosophies and our department’s personalized approach to mentoring and advising students. Our classes focus on the development of analytical and technical skills. These include data analysis and interpretation, summary and assessment of complex environments, development and execution of optimal actions, real-world practice of economic theory, and programming in software with specific applications.

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