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Chenyang Xu, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor

Health & Social Sciences Bldg., Room 460


Environmental economics, behavioral and experimental economics, applied econometrics, development economics, cliimate change economics

Research Interests

Environmental economics, behavioral and experimental economics, applied econometrics, development economics, cliimate change economics


Ph.D., Economics, University of Wyoming, 2016
M.S., Resource Economics, University of Nevada Reno, 2011
M.M.A. Marine Affairs, Xiamen University, 2009
B.M. Management Information System, Tianjin Polytechnic University, 2007


I am an environmental economist, with overlap in my work with behavioral and development economics. Besides being at my office cracking the dismal science, I particularly enjoy fishing, mountain biking, playing racquetball and road trips.

Selected Publications

Xu, C. (first author)., Botao, Q, Rawlings, D. (2022). ?Motivational Crowding Effects of Monetary and Nonmonetary incentives: Evidence from a Common Pool Resources Experiment,  Ecological Economics,
Xu, C.(first author)., & van’t Veld, K.  (2020), Team Inspection in the Management of Common-Pool Resources when Corruption is Present, Environmental and Resource Economics,
Xu, C. (first author)., & van’t Veld, K. (2019). Social influence and economic incentives: Complements or substitutes?—The case of fighting crimes. Economics Letters, 180, 80-84.?
Lei, H., Fang, L., Qian, Z., Xu, C., Deng, M., & Liu, X. (2012). The Quantitative Analysis of Ecological Compensation Responsibility in Watershed. Energy Procedia, 16, 1324-1331, H

Research Currently in Progress

Peer Effects in Communities' Participation of Voluntary Environmental Programs