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Matthew Ross:

"My experience at the University of Massachusetts Lowell was fundamental in my decision to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Connecticut. I can say, without hesitation, that the courses I took in the Economics Department and my engagement with faculty about their ongoing research activities were the primary inspiration that motivated me to pursue a Doctorate in Economics. The faculty in the department were supportive and encouraging at every stage in the application process, helping me navigate what can be an extremely complicated decision. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses at UConn, I have worked continually as a research consultant with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center. My experiences at UMass Lowell have a continual influence on my work as a research consultant because I still regularly utilize many of the analytical techniques that I was first introduced to as a student."

Heather Zajac

"I've found the quantitative skills and analytical habits I learned in the economics program at UMass Lowell to be in high demand by many employers. After graduation, I worked on the actuarial team at Sun Life Financial to manage insolvency risk during the recent financial crisis. Subsequently, I moved into the healthcare industry, where I applied statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of chronic disease programs at Tufts Health Plan. I am now working for an NGO to evaluate poverty reduction programs in Kenya. The knowledge I gained in my economics classes gave me the foundation to develop a rewarding career."

Karim Kantara

“As an Account Controller at State Street Corporation, I process, control and supervise foreign as well as domestic custody transactions on complex mutual funds. Being an Economics student at UMass Lowell has taught me precious practical ways to solve and analyze information in a more efficient way. Both qualitative and quantitative measures shared by fine professors from the Economics department at UMASS Lowell gave me the ability to pursue higher education in Finance, International Investments.”

Dennis Holbrook

"This is Dennis Holbrook from your Fall '08 Capital Markets course. I just wanted to write this email to tell you that your course really motivated me and opened my eyes to finance... We had a few discussions during the semester about applying mathematics to finance and you told me about the different MSF options available... I currently am in my second semester in Bentley University's Quantitative Finance program. I am taking courses such as Time Series Analysis and Stochastic Calculus that are exactly what I was looking for - rigorous mathematics courses that are applied to finance and economics. The foundation that was built in your class along has really helped me succeed. I am in a Derivatives course right now and still refer to the notes about futures, forwards and options that I took in your class on a regular basis."

John Edward

"I am an Adjunct Professor in the Economics Department at Bentley University. I teach courses in Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Business Statistics. My experience at UMass Lowell not only prepared me for an academic career, it inspired me in that direction. The faculty at UMass Lowell have a passion for what they do and it shows in the way they interact with students. I have tried to carry on in that tradition and instill in my students both an understanding of core principles and an appreciation for the study of economics. It extends beyond the classroom as well, as I write a monthly column on economic issues for the Lowell Sun newspaper. There too I apply not just what I learned at UMass Lowell, but what I learned about how economics matters."

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