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Advisory Board

Our distinguished Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Board of Advisors lends its expertise to the College, helping us fulfill our educational and scholarly missions. Its primary purpose is to provide feedback and direction to the dean and the faculty in the college. Annual strategic plans are reviewed on a regular basis as are opportunities and challenges facing the college.

  • Attorney Brenda Maille
  • Mrs. Deborah Walsh
  • Ms. Suzanne Page
  • Ms. Danielle McFadden
  • Mr. Gregory O'Donnell
  • Dr. George Membrino
  • Representative Sean Garballey
  • Ms. Michelle Hawes
  • Mr. John Ford
  • Mr. Richard Ferrino
  • Mr. Jason Cronin
  • Mr. Anthony Beatrice
  • Mr. Charles Collins
  • Dr. Pauline Dyer-Cole
  • Attorney Daniel Moynihan
  • Mr. Glenn Morgan