Bachelor of Music in Music Performance

Students wishing to pursue the Bachelor of Music in Performance (Instrumental, Vocal) degree program may apply to the Performance Coordinator and are subject to the following:

Application for Performance Specialization

  • Application is usually made at the end of the first semester;
  • Application forms are available in the Department of Music Office and must be submitted to the Performance Coordinator no later than December 1 for fall auditions, May 1 for spring auditions; and
  • Written recommendations from the applied instructor must also be submitted to the Performance Coordinator by December 1 for fall and May 1 for spring.

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into the Performance Specialization, students must:

  • Take and pass a second audition for entrance into the Performance Specialization;
  • Complete an advising appointment in advance of the audition;
  • Possess a GPA of 2.500 in all music courses;
  • Have received no grades lower than a B in Applied Lessons and Ensembles;
  • Students must have earned credit for 2 ensemble credits, Applied 1 (MUAP.1x10), and Musicianship and Analysis 1.

Retention in Performance Specialization

  • A minimum grade of B is required for each ensemble and performance specialization course;
  • A grade point average of 2.500 must be maintained for all music courses;
  • Continued full-time enrollment in the prescribed curriculum is required;
  • A Senior Recital is required during the same semester in which the applied music sequence is completed;
  • Performance in the Department of Music recital hour is required during each semester of residency.

To sign up for an audition, students must submit the "Application for Performance Specialization" by the deadline indicated on the form to the Performance Coordinator, and schedule an advising appointment. The student is responsible for securing the signatures of their applied faculty member and the Performance Coordinator.

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