The Art major prepares students for the challenges of professional life through a rigorous and innovative course sequence that includes studio, aesthetics and art history requirements.

The Art & Design Department offers a professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Animation & Interactive Media. The BFA degree is anchored around a strong Foundations program that emphasizes the theoretical, analytical and practical aspects of art and design.

Art majors go on to graduate school or careers in fine art, graphic design, photography, interactive-media, animation, web design, gallery work and teaching.

The Art & Design Department also offers minors.


The University of Massachusetts Lowell is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Core Curriculum Requirement

A minimum of 33-35 credits must be completed as part of the university Core Curriculum requirement.

BFA studies in Art consist of 87 credit hours and must include at least five courses (15 credits hours) at the 3000 level, including the following distribution requirements:

  1. Six Studio Foundation courses (18 credits): Art Concepts I, Art Concepts II, Digital Foundations, Form and Content, Drawing I, and Drawing II must be completed prior to starting the concentration.
  2. Fourteen Concentration courses (42 credits) are required within the student's chosen concentration in Art or Design. Students may choose to focus on graphic design, advertising design, animation, digital imaging, drawing, illustration, interactive-media, painting, photography, sculpture or web design.
  3. Internship (3 credits): Students are encouraged to secure an internship that is relevant to their concentration and will help them launch their careers in art or design. 
  4. Four courses (12 credits) in Art History and two courses (6 credits) in Aesthetics and Critical Studies
Course NumberCourse Title
ARHI.2030History of Art I (Prehistoric to Medieval Art)
ARHI.2040History of Art II (Renaissance to Modern)
ARHI.221020th Century Art
ARHI.3520Contemporary Art and Culture
AEST.xxxDiscipline specific Aesthetics and Critical Studies
AEST.xxxAesthetics and Critical Studies elective

Senior Studio Requirement (6 credits):

Senior Studio I and Senior Studio II to be taken over two semesters during senior year. 

ARTS.4930 Senior Studio I: 3 credits (first semester of senior year – a portfolio and research course to prepare for Senior Studio II).

ARTS.4980 Senior Studio II: 3 credits (second semester of senior year – capstone project, exhibition required).

Senior Studio must be taken under the advice and consent of the student’s academic advisor and the Senior Studio Review Committee. Students must earn at least a C+ (2.3 GPA) in the Senior Studio.

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