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To learn more about the Undeclared Sciences Program, please contact:

Stephen Norton
Program Director, Assistant Dean
Phone: 978-934-3844 

Chemistry faculty member and student work with equipment in a UMass Lowell lab

About the Undeclared Sciences Program

The Undeclared Sciences Program allows you to explore a diverse range of scientific disciplines within a close-knit community of students united by an interest in science, the process of discovery, and the applications of scientific knowledge to the world around us.  

Within the program, you'll gain an overview of the different majors in the college and associated career paths. You’ll also refine your interests, assess your values, and evaluate your strengths so you can make a more informed decision about which major works best for you.

Exploring the Sciences 

A centerpiece for the program is the First Year Seminar SCIE.1500: Exploring the Sciences. This course facilitates the major selection process through guided career exploration activities, cultivating and refining critical decision-making skills, and exposing you to the full range of disciplinary options with the College of Sciences.   

During the semester you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet one-on-one with faculty from different scientific disciplines
  • Engage with undergraduates from the various departments
  • Participate in clubs and organizations matching your interests
  • Visit various college facilities including robotics and biology labs, the particle accelerator and nuclear reactor

Summer Engagement Prior to First Semester

Professor Frank Colby of the EEAS department pointing to large, interactive weather monitor

If you select Undeclared Sciences, the program director will meet with you individually during the summer prior to your first Fall semester at UML.

During the meeting, we will review and assess your initial interests, experiences and qualifications to determine an optimal course schedule, which will allow you to explore multiple pathways compatible with your goals while also ensuring you remain on-track for graduation. 

You will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty from different science programs and from across campus if you need additional guidance or simply wish to more fully explore the academic and co-curricular possibilities open to you.

Hear from Our Faculty & Students

Payal Patel sits in front of laptop
Payal Patel '21
Biology, UTeach

When Payal Patel started college as an engineering major, she missed tutoring and teaching – so she decided to make education her career.

At UMass Lowell, you have that flexibility to change your career path.
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Sunilda Frias writes in a notebook at a table outside the library on North Campus
Sunilda Frias '21

Honors College Student Fellow Sunilda Frias is studying biology to help subsistence farmers improve their soil.

I like UMass Lowell because of the diversity. You can get out of your comfort zone ... but still feel like you’re at home.
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SGA President Lisa Degou and student Trustee Lindy Reed chat with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney at their monthly lunch.
Lisa Degou '18
Political Science & Mathematics

As Student Government Association president, Lisa Degou meets with Chancellor Moloney every month to negotiate for student interests.

I fell in love with all the opportunities and the diversity here.
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UMass Lowell biology student Dorcas Ruhamya stands at a whiteboard.
Dorcas Ruhamya '24

Dorcas Ruhamya found a mentor in Assoc. Prof. Khalilah Reddie.

I used everything Prof. Reddie recommended, and it came out great.
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