UMass Lowell Sciences Dean Noureddine Melikechi

Welcome to Kennedy College of Sciences at UMass Lowell! It is our passion to explore the nature of life and to advance technology. We are committed to improving society through cutting-edge research and the expansion of scientific understanding. The Kennedy College of Sciences (KCS) takes pride in its innovative teaching methods, supportive environment and interdisciplinary approach. Join us in building the future.

The KCS traces its origins in Lowell to 1895. It has a long tradition of building scientific and technological expertise, improving the quality of life and driving economic growth.

Engaging educational experiences are offered in our six departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environment, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics and Physics & Applied Physics. Our over 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare students to confidently enter the workplace or pursue advanced studies. Learning is enhanced by multidisciplinary and cross-departmental courses and research initiatives that reflect the inter-connectedness of our world today. Comprehensive academic support, advising, co-ops, career services, outreach efforts, dedicated alumni, and professional and social clubs all provide a solid foundation for success.

The distinguished KCS faculty are known for their subject-passion, teaching innovation, and cutting-edge research, which offer students unparalleled learning opportunities. Our diverse student body comprises the best and the brightest from across the United States and the globe. Students, having mastered their subject and acquired comprehensive problem solving and analytical skills, graduate fully equipped for the road ahead.

The study of science is vital to understanding the challenges of today and building the world of tomorrow. The KCS embraces our long-standing industry and government affiliations, and students graduating with a degree in the sciences command premium salaries and can expect accelerated career development. Demand for our graduates has never been greater and our growth is projected to be more than double that of non-scientific fields.

- Noureddine Melikechi, D.Phil.

For more information on the Kennedy College of Sciences, see our "Roadmap to the Future" Strategic Plan.