Training video: Set Evaluation Criteria (3:31)


Design Team members


Come up with a set of measurement criteria to consider when evaluating any intervention.


Decide the measurable results the group hopes for, regardless of which specific intervention is chosen. These will become selection criteria. Particularly:

  1. What should the scope of an intervention be - i.e., how many employees should it reach?
  2. What measurable benefits should an intervention bring to the organization?
  3. What resources are available within the organization for an intervention?
  4. What potential obstacles/barriers are there to the success of an intervention?

As you consider the many factors that could “make or break” interventions, other contributing factors and/or new ideas for activities may emerge. It is a good idea to review Steps 1 and 2 and make any needed changes or additions before going on to Step 4.

To Complete Step 3: