The CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (HWPP) is designed specifically to help employer organizations adopt and implement programs with a Total Worker Health® approach. The HWPP Toolkit was developed to engage employees in designing integrated solutions that address a wide range of work environment, work organization, safety, and employee health issues.

What's New?

HWPP Tools for Lean

The HWPP Tools for Lean webpage shows how to use specific HWPP tools and procedures to enhance the Lean process by involving front-line workers and developing Total Worker Health (TWH) interventions. CPH-NEW has developed descriptions for each of the HWPP Tools adapted for Lean initiatives, which are all available to download.

If you are interested in learning how the HWPP can support employee health and safety during the Lean process, we encourage you to view the HWPP Tools for Lean Case Study.

HWPP 2.0 Toolkit

Watch the Introducing the NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program 2.0 Online Toolkit Webinar from 2019 about the NEW features of the HWPP "2.0" online toolkit. Learn how the center refined the implementation materials for the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program following field evaluation with end users after disseminating the program in 2014. Ms. Nobrega shared evaluation methods, results of user feedback, and the process used to refine, test, and disseminate the "2.0" Facilitator Manual and online program toolkit.

For more resources, visit the HWPP Training & Support page.

HWPP Facilitator Manual

CPH-NEW is proud to present the HWPP Facilitator Manual as one of the many new features of HWPP "2.0". These new materials demonstrate how the center has refined the implementation science for the the HWPP following dissemination and field evaluation with end users of the program.

Facilitator Training Video Series

The Facilitator Training Video Series is an 8-part series of videos that will teach you how to use and adapt the components of the HWPP toolkit to your organization's needs. These videos demonstrate techniques to use when forming a new team and how to promote positive group dynamics.

We welcome your feedback and would ask you to please fill out the Facilitation Skills Video Evaluation Survey after viewing the videos.

Sharing these videos with your colleagues has now gotten even easier!

This video series is now available as the Group Facilitation Video Playlist on the CPH-NEW YouTube channel!