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Healthy Workplace Participatory Program

The CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (HWPP) Toolkit is designed specifically to help employer organizations adopt and implement a Total Worker Health® program approach. The HWPP Toolkit was developed to engage employees in designing integrated solutions that address a wide range of work environment, work organization, safety, and employee health issues.

The Toolkit is organized according to the links below to help you initiate, implement, and evaluate your program. The materials are appropriate whether you are starting a new program or enhancing an existing program. Review the Toolkit at a Glance to see the core program materials.

Are you interested in learning how to lead high energy, high impact meetings? Then check out our new facilitation skills training video series. NEW- Online only.

These videos are a part of the Healthy workplace Participatory Program Toolkit. The skills are applicable when working with any team.

Videos 1-4 demonstrate techniques to use when forming a new team.

Videos 5-8 demonstrate techniques that promote positive group dynamics.

We welcome your feedback, so please look for the evaluation survey on the video page.