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Step 7: Monitor & Evaluate Interventions

Training Video: Monitor and Evaluate Interventions (5:45)


Steering Committee, preferably with involvement from the Design Team


Collect information on the effectiveness of an intervention, both during the early stages and in its later (developed) form. Use this information to guide decisions regarding the intervention.


  • Verify (at least monthly) that the intervention is receiving adequate resources, and that it is showing signs of success. 
  • Be open to adapting the intervention for even greater success. If possible, involve the Design Team in the adaptations.
  • Terminate an intervention if there are unintended consequences that are unacceptable.
  • Develop any required progress reports about the intervention.
  • Develop communications to promote the intervention, as well as to inform the organization about the overall Healthy Work Participatory Program.

To Complete Step 7:

Step 7 Example: Evaluation Plan (pdf)