What is the Intervention Design and Analysis Scorecard (IDEAS)?

Training video: IDEAS Overview (6:53)

The Intervention Design and Analysis Scorecard (IDEAS) tool is the seven-step process at the heart of the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program. Through this tool, employees identify the root causes of a specific work-related safety and health concern, and design appropriate interventions.

The IDEAS tool requires collaboration between managerial and non-managerial employees. A facilitator guides the process. Before using the tool, you must select a specific health or safety concern as the focus. Tools for prioritization and assessment are provided on the Design Team Start-up page and the Identify Health and Safety Priorities page.

Blue-Green IDEAS Wheel - Step 1: Identify Problems and Contributing Factors, Step 2: Develop Objectives and Activities, Step 3: Set Selection Criteria, Step 4: Apply Selection Criteria, Step 5: Rate/Select Intervention Alternatives, Step 6: Plan and Implement Interventions, Step 7: Monitor and Evaluate Intervention

The first four steps of the tool typically involve a Design Team (DT), and the last three steps typically involve a Steering Committee (SC) of managers and decision-makers. Each IDEAS step includes a Facilitator Manual and an accompanying worksheet. The Facilitator Manual contains Facilitator preparation, a Facilitator annotated agenda, and Design Team handouts. View a detailed IDEAS wheel (pdf) to learn specific roles for DT and SC during each IDEAS step.

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