The study-abroad program at UMass Lowell is an excellent opportunity for history majors to travel and gain an understanding of the world around them. There are hundreds of programs available in countries all around the world. While we encourage you to choose one where you will have the opportunity to study in a foreign language, many programs are taught completely in English.

Learn More About Study Abroad 

Several members of the History Department have studied or taught abroad previously and are happy to share their experiences with you. These include:

  • France (Prof. Young or Prof. Liebowitz)
  • Ireland (Prof. Fogle)
  • Italy (Prof. Carlsmith or Prof. Drenas)
  • South Africa (Prof. Strobel)
  • Chile (Prof. Edwards)
  • Peru (Prof. Montrie)
  • United Kingdom (Prof. Drenas or Prof. Fogle)
  • Greece (Prof. Sancinito)
  • Middle East (Prof. Williams)
  • There are numerous faculty in other departments who can also provide first-hand information about different countries around the world.

Visit UMass Lowell’s Study Abroad Program for more information or email: or call 978-934-4660.