History Department majors in their first or second year are invited to consider applying to the UMass Lowell Honors College. Honors is a course of study that aims to provide an enhanced experience of undergraduate education. While some students are admitted to the University as incoming Honors students, all students are eligible to apply to it, and generally do so in the first year or two of their studies. To apply, one needs only to have completed a semester of course work, and to be in good academic standing. More detailed description of the program requirements and benefits is available on the Honors College webpage.

As a program of academic and community enrichment, the Honors College attracts students from nearly every major in the University, including a significant number from History, and it has grown dramatically over the last several years. If you are interested in learning more about Honors, contact the Honors College directly, or speak with Patrick Young, who acts as the History Department’s liaison to Honors.