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Betsy Herbin-Triant, Ph.D., lends expertise to committee

Historian and assistant professor Elizabeth Herbin-Triant sits on a panel at UMass Lowell
The Massachusetts Historical Society is launching a new seminar series this fall: the Boston Seminar on African American History. It provides an occasion for scholars as well as interested members of the public to discuss aspects of African American history from the colonial period through the present. Betsy Herbin-Triant, Ph.D. is a steering committee member of this seminar. Read History Professor Herbin-Triant's profile.

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Kathleen Curtin '86 History

Kathleen Curtin was the first student to suggest that the university field a team at a Model United Nations competition. She’s pursued her love of history ever since, first as a food historian at Plimoth Plantation and now as a U.S. history teacher in New Hampshire.

It’s experiential history, and UMass Lowell gave me that. I don’t know if I would have been afforded that opportunity at any other place.