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Students Dig Up History in Lowell

Summer - Fall 2022

History majors Deirdre Hutchinson and Quintin Blake working on a dig related to the nineteenth-century history and contributions of Lowell's Irish immigrant community.

Deirdre Hutchison and Quintin Blake pose at the Market St. dig site.

In the late summer, History majors Deirdre Hutchison and Quintin Blake were involved in a dig on Market Street seeking to unearth artifacts and evidence related to the nineteenth-century history and contributions of Lowell's Irish immigrant community.

Working with Deirdre and Quintin are other UMass students (from Lowell and Boston) as well as scholars from Queen's University Belfast.

The team has focused its attention on the former location of an Irish-owned grocery store and the domestic sites surrounding it.

This project has been endorsed by UMass President Marty Meehan.

The dig has been the focus of an August 29 "Lowell Sun" article, "Digging Lowell," as well as a September 15 university article published online, "Pieces of the Past: Students Dig Up History in Lowell."

Meet Our Students and Alumni

Group of UMass Lowell students pose at an outdoor site in Madrid, Spain
Nicholas Trunfio '23

Nicholas Trunfio immersed himself in history while studying abroad.

One of my hopes is to be a history teacher later on in life.
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Rory Luddy poses in front of a trolley
Rory Luddy '22

Internships on and off campus gave Rory Luddy museum experience.

The dream is to have a job as a museum curator.
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Kady Phelps with Kim Cosgrove in front of an exhibit they recently completed about St. Joseph’s Hospital, which was located where University Crossing now stands
Kady Phelps '17, '18

Kady Phelps came to UMass Lowell to major in education, but history caught up with her. She earned her master’s degree in history and the Excellence in Students Cultural Heritage Award for her work on an exhibit about Portuguese immigration to Lowell.

I feel really blessed to be in Massachusetts and here in Lowell in particular, with all the history.
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Neil Oliveria pictured with his family after being inducted into history honors society, Phi Alpha Theta
Neil Oliveria '18, '19
History & Education

Neil Oliveria, already a grandfather, is pursuing degrees in history and education so he can embark on a new career as a teacher.

Coming to UMass Lowell is the best decision I’ve made in the past 20 years.
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Maritza Grooms interviews UMass Lowell Prof. Robert Forrant and Emerging Scholar Sophie Combs about research being done on immigration topics on an episode of History in Lowell
Sophie Combs '20

Sophie Combs knows her research is going somewhere: into the online Library of New England Immigration.

Small class sizes and getting to know my professors personally was important to me.
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