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Several faculty in the UMass Lowell History Department take an interest in the ancient world. The statue here is the Augustus of Primaporta, a sculpture of Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of ancient Rome. Photo by Andrew Drenas

Students who major in history develop a thorough grounding in the historical process and a greater empathy and special perspective for viewing human thought and action through a broad exposure to the complexities that shape the forces of civilization. The student of history recognizes the distinctiveness of people and societies of the past, and acknowledges the threads that connect the experiences of these people over time.

A history major offers invaluable training in the essential skills of a liberal arts education: reading, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking. History majors are prepared for a wide array of careers, including teaching, law, government service, business, medicine, research, and much more.

The UMass Lowell History Department currently includes fourteen full-time faculty with expertise ranging from ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy to the modern Middle East and Latin America. All faculty are actively engaged in teaching, research, and service; since 2010 the faculty in the department have published more than a dozen monographs as well as a variety of scholarly articles, historical documentaries, translations, and edited collections.

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