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About Phi Alpha Theta

The Alpha Mu Epsilon chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, was founded in 2005. For more than a century, the University of Massachusetts Lowell has been educating students to work in the real-world, solve real problems and help real people. The university began as the Lowell Normal School, founded in 1894 to prepare students to become teachers, and the Lowell Textile School, founded in 1895 to train technicians and managers for the textile industry. Over the next 75 years, both institutions extended their offerings to meet the growing needs of the region. Lowell State and Lowell Tech, as they were then known, merged in 1975 to form the University of Lowell. In 1991, the campus became part of the University of Massachusetts system. The History Department offers a variety of courses in European, American, African, Latin American, and Asian history, from the ancient world to contemporary events. All full-time faculty hold a Ph.D. The department currently has about 150 undergraduate majors.

In 2002, students founded a History Club to promote the study of History at UMass Lowell and to offer intellectual and social activities for faculty, students, and the local community. These have included Lincolnfest, graduation receptions, history symposiums, course fairs, trips to local conferences (e.g. New England Historical Association) and fundraisers. In 2005, a number of students expressed an interest in establishing a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The aim of the local chapter is to celebrate student achievement in the study of history and to encourage further historical study and research by both faculty and students. The Alpha Mu Epsilon chapter at UMass Lowell has been and continues to be working with the History Club and organizes several events to promote the discipline of history. In 2007, Alpha Mu Epsilon sponsored the New England Phi Alpha Theta Conference, and more recently has initiated its own History Symposium each spring.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no induction ceremony took place in 2020 or 2021.


This year's ceremony took place on Tuesday, April 2, in the Allen House. History graduate Kelley Leonhard ('21) gave the keynote speech: "When Opportunity Knocks, Invite It In." Eleven students were inducted:

  • Jordan E. Anderson
  • Benjamin Lawrence Andonian
  • Cameron McKenzie Fuller
  • Siobhán G. Hale
  • Chandaranee P. Khoeun
  • Mustafa S. Mullah
  • Thomas F. O’Shea III
  • Elsa L. Skinner
  • Jack F. Sweeney
  • Ian Synge
  • Abbagail E. Taylor


This year's ceremony took place on April 11 in Coburn 110. Prof. Jane Sancinito gave the keynote speech: "The Hunt for the Most Annoying Man in the Forum." Twelve students were inducted:

  • Karam Alafandi
  • Felix Brown
  • Greta Hall
  • Sebastian Hutchison
  • Aldwin Gonzalez-Leonardo
  • Chansophon Long
  • Daniel Lutz II
  • Sarah Mahannah
  • Yotam Perliger
  • Collin Powers
  • Dylan Stein
  • Campbell Tacey


The ceremony this year took place on Thursday, April 21, in the O'Leary Mezzanine. Prof. Daniel Broyld gave the keynote speech, “The House of History.” Twenty-two students were inducted:

  • William Asselin
  • Josefa Baeza-Diaz
  • Jonathan Bartlett
  • Colin Bode
  • Aislinn Burns
  • Jonathan Dixon
  • Ariella Fleischer
  • Jennilyn Ludescher
  • Kerri Mahoney
  • Courtney Mayer
  • John Morris
  • Tod Pecora
  • Brianne Puls
  • Jennifer Quinn
  • Isabella Rozzi
  • Jenna Saade
  • Kelvin Sanchez
  • Stuart Savelle
  • Camryn Skinner
  • Emily Tucker
  • Joshua Vollmar
  • Joshua White

2019 2019

This year's induction ceremony took place on Tuesday, November 19, at the Allen House. The keynote speaker was Prof. Shehong Chen, who will be retiring at the end of the fall semester. She shared with everyone the plans she has for her future research on the nineteenth-century diplomat Anson Burlingame in a lecture called "What Made an American Serve as China's Ambassador?"

The following students were inducted:

  • Tyler Burgoyne
  • Jacqueline Chianca
  • Somsak Chum
  • Megan Dillon
  • Elizabeth DiMauro
  • Jinette Galarza
  • Michael Hanna
  • Deirdre Hutchinson
  • Rory Luddy
  • Daniel Mandel
  • Kylie Marcotte
  • Daniel McDermott
  • Corey Nadeau
  • Seamus O'Hearne
  • Shaylyn Silva
  • Meaghan Sparks
  • Yanghao Sun

2018 2018

This year's induction ceremony took place on Wednesday, November 14, at the Allen House. History M.A. candidate Kady Phelps shared some details about her research as she gave the keynote speech: "A Narrative of Mrs. Johnson: A Captive's Experiences in the French and Indian War."

The following students were inducted:

  • James Bozek
  • Jack Breen
  • Sophie Combs
  • Charles Grover
  • Jacqueline Klein
  • Kelley Leonhard
  • Alan Mendieta
  • Alex Pineiro
  • Benjamin Schwartzberg
  • Connor Stack
  • Meagan Timmins
  • Seth Wesinger

2017 2017

The annual Phi Alpha Theta induction ceremony took place on Tuesday, November 14, at the Allen House. Prof. Paul Keen gave the keynote speech during the induction ceremony: "The Advantages of Ambiguity." The following students were inducted.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2017-18)

  • Matthew Ahern
  • Caden Anderson
  • Anneliese Beaulieu
  • Katelyn Boyle
  • Patrick Clancy
  • Jonathan Garniss
  • Marcus Kuhs
  • Alexis Mason
  • Neil Oliveria, Jr.
  • Matthew Peltier
  • Brendon Shirley
  • Christina Sirignano
  • Emily Solano

2016 2016

The History Department held its 2016-17 Phi Alpha Theta induction ceremony on Wednesday, November 16, at the Allen House. Before the induction, Prof. Marie Frank of the World Languages and Cultures Department gave a short talk: "Hidden in Plain Sight: UML's Collection of Parthenon Casts." The following students became members this year.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2016-17)

  • Joseph Robert Benoit
  • Jacob M. Boucher
  • Chloé-Marie Émilie Cabaret-Salameh
  • Kerstin P. Darsney
  • Katherine S. Gilligan
  • Sydney A. Larose
  • Matthew Webster Leece
  • Molly Q. Mahoney
  • Sean P. McDonough
  • Nicole R. Nachef
  • Kady Lynne Phelps
  • Michael L. Ryan
  • Jacob Thomas Strout
  • Emily Yunes

2015 2015

The UMass Lowell chapter of Phi Alpha Theta welcomed the following new members at an induction ceremony on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, at 5 p.m. at the Allen House.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2015-16)

  • Aaron M. King
  • Andrew Kirwan Goode
  • Autumn M. Sacramone
  • Bridget Rose Kelleher
  • Cassandra Lise Wilson
  • Christian Ryan Kelly
  • Cote James Wolcik
  • Gerrit H. Boldt
  • Hannah Rae Kimker
  • Keith T. Clements
  • Nicholas M. Gates
  • Nicole M. Comer
  • Patrick D. Lane
  • Ryan Charles Anzuoni
  • Stephen K. Lilja
  • Suzanne Monique St. Peters
  • Thomas Joseph Arlauskas
  • Zachary Z. Najarian-Najafi

2014 2014

The UMass Lowell chapter of Phi Alpha Theta hosted its induction ceremony on Monday, March 10, 2014, at 5 p.m., at the Allen House. Kate DiTullio (UMass Lowell '13) was the keynote speaker.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2013-14)

  • Arthur Lisek-Koper Kimberly A. Mack
  • Bernard R. Trubowitz
  • Brian P. Carballo
  • Christopher J. Moore
  • Joshua Mark Catanzaro
  • Megan E. Shea
  • Nicholas M. Boutoures
  • Victoria L. Crenshaw

2013 2013

History Research Symposium

The UMass Lowell chapter of Phi Alpha Theta hosted its 2nd annual History Research Symposium on Tuesday, 9 April 2013 at 3:30 p.m. in Coburn Hall 307. Nine members of PAT presented their current research in twenty-minute papers each. The event was free and open to the public, and attracted a strong crowd.

2012 2012

The UMass Lowell chapter of Phi Alpha Theta hosted its annual induction ceremony on Monday, November 19, 2012, beginning at 5 p.m.

Lauren Merrill served as the president of the Phi Alpha Theta chapter from 2012-2013.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2012-13)

  • Alex A. Temple
  • Conor B. Westwater
  • Derek B. Winslow
  • Emily G. Jarmolowicz
  • Eyripidis Giannakas
  • Gina M. Ippolito
  • James P. Buckley
  • Katherine A. DiTullio
  • Katheryn M. Shanteler
  • Mila Marello-Veilleux
  • Simon M. Paonessa
  • William Boutet
  • William McAllister

2011 2011

Phi Alpha Theta, the History Department Honor Society, hosted its annual induction ceremony on Monday, November 14, 2011, at 5 p.m. in Coburn 205. More than forty students were invited to join the organization this year.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2011-12)

  • Ashley E. Long
  • Ashley Lynn Jean
  • Benjamin P. Guilfoyle
  • Brittany S. Relf
  • Caitlin E. Pinkham
  • Charlotte Knowlton Tacito
  • Chistopher M. Lynch
  • Gregory M. Jones
  • Heidrun D. Ryan
  • Irene Frances Cassidy
  • Kelsey E. Flynn Neal J. Foley
  • Kimberly Irene Lapointe
  • Kyle D. Quimby
  • Lauren Susan Merrill
  • Lauren T. Jean
  • Leah M. Pacheco
  • Mary-Kathryn Hazel
  • Meghan A. Chapman
  • Michael T. Keegan
  • Paul J. Wetzonis
  • Stephen C. Rotundi
  • Stephen M. Pingel

2010 2010

Phi Alpha Theta, the History Department honor society, hosted its annual induction ceremony on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, from 4 to 5:30 in the afternoon. It was held at the Allen House. Prof. Carlsmith was the featured speaker, commenting on how university education and student life has changed (or not) during the past 500 years.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2010-11)

  • Aaron Petruccelli
  • Constance Schere
  • Dan Sarsfield
  • Eric Imbornone
  • Jonathan Zlotnik
  • Kane Guthrie
  • Kelly Dyment
  • Kelly Manning
  • Phillip Massa
  • Robert Fleming
  • Ryan Gallagher
  • Ryan O'Keeffe
  • Timothy Hire

The president of Alpha Mu Epsilon was Harrison Quinn.


The following students were formally inducted into Phi Alpha Theta on Nov. 3, 2009.

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees (2009-2010)

  • Alan D. Lefebvre
  • Andrew M. Lariviere
  • Colleen M. O'Shaughnessy
  • David M. Boyd
  • Dennis Jules Larocque, Jr.
  • Emery Brook Sears
  • Joshua E. Dallal
  • Justin Vigeant
  • Katie M. Harris
  • Maria A. Millet
  • Ryan J. Harrington
  • Sarah J. Ciras
  • Scott Walfield
  • Stephanie L. Murphy
  • Timothy-John Graceffa