Study Abroad participants often call their experiences "life changing." UMass Lowell students have studied in 25 countries and we have partnerships with 120 institutions around the world. Read the news and meet our students.

Meet Our Students

Matthew Levenson in London
Matthew Levenson '19
Criminal Justice

Criminal justice major Matt Levenson loves an adventure and a challenge—and he’s bent on seizing every opportunity he can while at UMass Lowell.

Whenever you’ve got an opportunity, you’ve got to take advantage of it.
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UMass Lowell student David Levenson shakes hands with another student on stairs leading to a campus building.
David Levenson '25

David Levenson’s Mock Trial team experience led to a real legal internship.

The opportunities I’m getting through Mock Trial are so exciting.
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Gabrielle Salvatore standing in front of Coburn Hall.
Gabrielle Salvatore '24
Bachelor of Liberal Arts, concentrations in education and psychology

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts program provided Gabrielle Salvatore ’24 with a great foundation for a teaching career.

The longer I was in the program, the more it opened up my eyes to possibilities.
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Jenna Kapp at scenic overlook
Jenna Kapp '19
Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies major Jenna Kapp has taken advantage of nearly every opportunity that’s come her way on campus. Now she’s finding more abroad.

I’ve tried to make the most of my opportunities at UMass Lowell. I love this university and all these things I get to do.
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Emoni Baffour in London during a study abroad experience
Emoni Baffour '18

Studying abroad in London convinced business student Emoni Baffour ’18 to return to the UK for graduate school and pursue her passion for a career in the fashion industry.

I want to make a positive mark on the world as much as I can. And I can definitely say that I did that here in every way I could.
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Aya Oulal in Dubai while attending the COP28 summit.
Aya Oulal '23
Environmental Science

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Aya Oulal was able to study abroad in Spain, attend COP28 in Dubai and become a resident advisor.

UMass Lowell was great. I don’t think I would have done so much or even considered this path for myself without the university.
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Daphne Shakira Naut posing on a mountain during study abroad with views of rocky, snowy mountains in the background
Daphne Shakira Naut '20
Political Science & Philosophy

Honors College student Daphne Shakira Naut was already fluent in two languages and had started on two more by the time she finished high school. Here at UML, she’s picked up a fifth language and studied abroad three times – all while supporting herself.

Languages are like M&Ms. You just keep adding more.
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Evan Dingle poses in Uganda where he works with Ekisa Ministries with Tia, a retired sled dog he adopted who can serve as a loving bridge to the children and families
Evan Dingle '17

Evan Dingle’s passion for helping people and love of international study led him to a job with a nonprofit in Uganda that serves children with special needs.

I have a big heart for kids who are in need.
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Fidel Castro is seated at a table between two people and showing a tablet computer to one person.
Fidel Castro '25
Computer Engineering

Honors transfer student Fidel Castro wants to make a name for himself in the field of nanotechnology manufacturing.

I want to bring technology into business, to help businesses grow and develop.
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UMass Lowell student Andre DiFilippo skydives
Andre DiFilippo '19
Marketing & Management

After making his mark at UML as Student Government Association president, Manning School of Business senior Andre DiFilippo is excited to get started on a sales career.

I’m thankful every day that I chose UMass Lowell. Seeing how much I’ve personally grown and how much the university has grown in my four years here has been unbelievable.
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