Your academic adviser is listed in SiS. Academic advisers serve as a faculty contact and occasionally as advocates for students. You can contact your faculty adviser any time during the semester if you have difficulties or need academic and career advice. In addition, every semester the university dedicates two weeks to advising. All students are expected to schedule an appointment with their faculty advisers who have extended office hours during the Advising period.

The Art & Design department holds a general advising meeting for all Art majors a week or two before the advising period starts. Students are notified by email and fliers posted around the buildings. Students are expected to attend this meeting to remain on track. During the meeting, you will learn about the process of choosing classes. In addition, important information regarding the B.F.A. requirements is discussed during this meeting, which is mandatory for all Art majors.

In exceptional cases when students have a time conflict and miss the meeting, this Advising Instructions Presentation (pdf) is available to check out important deadlines, dates, links and other information.

If you need immediate help:

  1. You can review your Degree Pathway. This is a semester by semester outline of courses required for your major.
  2. Run your “AR” – Advisement Report – a robust, interactive degree planning report in SIS.
  3. Plan your courses using the Academic Planner.
  4. Organize and plan your class schedule using the cool tool “Schedule Builder”.
  5. Review the academic calendar for key dates and deadlines.