Betty Hegner Penna Bianca (White Feather) Photography Award


The $500 award will be granted at the conclusion of the spring semester to one graduating senior, with the provision that there is a candidate who has demonstrated exceptional work during his/her student career at UMass Lowell in the study and practice of photographic arts; and providing that photography was her/his primary area of study.

Drawing Residency Program

The Arts Research Collaborative has established a Drawing Residency for recent graduates of the UMass Lowell Art & Design program who plan to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree. Each recipient will receive a modest studio space to allow them to focus on their drawing practice for a period of four months. At the end of the residency, the Collaborative will give the artist an exhibition, documenting the work made during that period.

Painting Award of Excellence

Established by Vice Provost Donald Pierson, the Award of Excellence will be awarded each year to a University of Massachusetts Lowell student in the painting discipline. The award is given to a junior or senior who is in at least their third semester of painting. The recipient of the award will receive $200.