The UMass Lowell (UML) Art and Design Department is hosting department shadow days where prospective students are welcome to spend time on campus, attend classes, talk to other students, and participate in the life of the campus.

This year’s Shadow Day to be announced.

This year’s classes include animation, video production, art history, graphic design, sculpture, & drawing.

Department art classes run from 8-11 a.m., 12:30–3:15 p.m., and 3:30–6:15 p.m.. Art History courses are shorter and also available during these time slots. You can:

  • attend a whole class
  • part of one
  • or a mix.

You can visit for a day, half day, whatever works for you.

During your day with us, we will pair you with a current student and let the professors know you’ll be joining them. You do not need to bring art supplies or a computer. We have everything. You don’t need to bring a portfolio. If you’d like us to review your portfolio, we’d be happy to. If you’d like to bring a friend or a parent, please let us know.

These shadow days are purely for visits to the art and design department. A student wishing to experience classes outside of the department should contact those departments. While the music department also has shadow days, the art and design department event is not linked with music at this time.

Folks wishing to meet with an admissions or financial aid representative may wish to connect with those offices separately. Financial aid and admissions are both located at University Crossing, a short bus ride from our buildings.

  • Sign up by registering online for Shadow Days.
  • Parking is available in the Wilder Visitor lot is located on South Campus on Wilder Street and is entered via Bachelder Street.
  • Check in at Mahoney Hall, 870 Broadway, main art office, #1.
  • Lunch is available to purchase on campus.
  • If you need an accommodation of any kind, please let us know.
  • Masking is optional.
  • This is not an overnight program.

If you have any other questions, please email:

Check out recent student work.

Admission to Program

If you want to apply to UMass Lowell, please follow the directions on the admissions website.

For admission to the Art Department, you also need to submit images of your work on Slideroom. These are reviewed all year round. Slideroom is free, but you do need to create a Slideroom account.