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Degree Pathway for the Master of Science in Biological Sciences - Education, Communication and Outreach Option

Degree Pathway for Master of Science in Biological Sciences - Education, Communication and Outreach Option

This is a 30-credit program. It is not an education license-granting program.
Core Required Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
BIOL.5190Biochemistry I (or an approved equivalent)3
BIOL.6040Professional Communication in Science and Technology
BIOL.7100Supervised Teaching of a Biology Course3

Biology Electives

12-15 additional credits (beyond the core biology curriculum required) of graduate level biology coursework. 

Electives in Business, Education and Psychology

6 credits in electives from the College of Education (one course MUST be from COE), Manning School of Business or the Department of Psychology.
Examples of Business Electives
Course #Course NameCr.
MGMT.5010Organizational Behavior3
MGMT.6010Managing Organizational Change (MGMT.5010 is a prerequisite)3
Examples of Education Electives
Course #Course NameCr.
EDUC.5760Curriculum and Teaching Science3
EDUC.6101Theories of Learning3
EDUC.6240Assessment of Learning3
EDUC.6350Dynamics of Curricular Change3
EDUC.6380Curriculum Design K-123
EDUC.6423Program Evaluation3
EDUC.6441Models of Teaching3
EDUC.6510Technology and Learning Environment3
EDUC.6760Exploring the Nature of Science3
Examples of Psychology Electives
Course #Course NameCr.
PSYCH.5000Introduction to Community Social Psychology3
PSYCH.5120Applied Research Methods (pre-req or co-req is PSYCH.50003
PSYCH.6770Applied Cognitive Psychology to Education3
PSYCH.6780Seminar in Metacognition3
PSYCH.5710Autism and Developmental Psychopathology3
PSYCH.5610Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism3
PSYCH.5620Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support3
PSYCH.5880Advanced Cognition3
PSYCH.6630Experimental Analysis of Behavior3
PSYCH.6810Health campaigns: Effects and Processes3

Total Credits = 30

Last updated: 6/25/20