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Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

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Doctoral Program in Earth System Science

Master's of Science in Environmental Studies

Graduate Certificate Programs

Professional Internship and Seminar

This professional internship is required for students in this program and is expected to represent a minimum of 350 hours and will have a 3-6 month duration. The internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to obtain real-world experience in business, government agencies, non-profit organizations or research institutes. To be eligible for the internship students will be expected to have completed half of their STEM courses, two business/communication courses, attained a minimum GPA of 3.000 and received departmental permission. Through this experience the student engages in real-world work situations involving technical problems, teamwork, communication skills and decision-making. Students who are employed full-time in a pertinent field may fulfill the internship requirement by completing an approved project, which adds to the student’s current set of skills. All students will be required to submit a final written report and give an oral presentation on their work at a seminar. All post-internship students will participate in this seminar. All Professional Internships require supervision by program faculty.