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Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The UMass Lowell Computer Science graduate program provides computer scientists with an education of sufficient breadth and depth to prepare them for leadership positions in both industrial and academic environments. It is distinguished by a balanced mixing of the practical, engineering aspects of computer science, with substantial exposure to the theoretical foundations of the field. This mission is supported by departmental and university research labs and Centers. Our graduate program is intended primarily for students with undergraduate degrees in computer science, or for those who have completed a degree in a related area (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, etc.) and who possess a substantial background in computer science.



The Computer Science Department has strong industrial ties through its faculty members, its participation in the research activity in various University Centers, its internal laboratories and institutes, its continuing relationships with many local computer and software manufacturers, and its industrial advisory committee. These relationships provide sources of short and long range research projects, hardware donations and student funding, while also providing insight to and understanding of the short and long term directions of local industry. To support instructional and research activities, the Department of Computer Science maintains a large heterogeneous network, including PCs, workstations, and a collection of more specialized equipment. All systems and servers are connected to /accessible via the University’s network.

Financial Support

The Department has a limited number of teaching assistantships available to qualified graduate students. These assistantships can be renewed for up to four semesters. Other support is available through funded research programs in the departmental laboratories and, possibly, through support from other university departments.