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MGMT.6010 Managing Organizational Change (Formerly MGMT/66.601)

Id: 006686 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Examines how business enterprises are designed, managed and changed to operate efficiently and perform effectively within their competitive environments. It critically examines organizations that vary in terms of such characteristics as size, complexity, goals, and technology as they operate under different circumstances and at various stages of their life cycles. The role and impact of individual managers receive particular attention.


ACCT.5010, and FINA.5010, and MKTG.5010, and POMS.5010, and MGMT.5010, and MGMT.5110, or Matriculated MSF who have completed ACC.5010, and FINA.5010 ,or Matriculated MSA/MSBA/MSEI/GCML, or permission of graduate program coordinator.

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