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Degree Pathway for the Master of Science in Biological Sciences - Biotechnology Option

Degree Pathway for Master of Science in Biological Sciences - Biotechnology Option

This is a 30-credit program.
Core Required Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
BIOL.5190Biochemistry I3
BIOL.5210Techniques in Biochemistry 
BIOL.6040Professional Communication in Science and Technology3
Required Laboratory Courses (choose 3)
Course #Course NameCr.
BIOL.5290Recombinant Protein Production3
BIOL.5340LGenomics Laboratory (taken concurrently with BIOL.5930)1
BIOL.5690LMolecular Biology Lab3
BIOL.5890Practical Protein Crystallography3
BIOL.5760Cell Culture3
BIOL.5950LImmunology Laboratory (taken concurrently with BIOL.5930)1
Recommended Electives (Choose 3)*
Course #Course NameCr.
BIOL.5350Cell and Microbe Cultivation3
CHEN.5450Isolation and Purification3
CHEN.5550Biopharmaceutical GMP and Licensing3
CHEN.5860Biotechnology Processing Projects Laboratory3
BIOL.7330LProjects Laboratory3
BIOL.7330MS Project in Biology3

*Up to 9 credits of coursework may be taken in other departments. The sum of core and elective courses must total at least 30 credits.

Total Credits = 30

Last updated: 6/25/20