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Degree Pathway for the Doctor of Science in Work Environment - Occupational and Environmental Health

Degree Pathway for Doctor of Science in Public Health

Required Core Courses
Course #Course NameCredits
Total 13
PUBH.5010Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health3
PUBH.6090Work in Progress Seminar1
PUBH.6750Introduction to Manuscript Writing3
XXXX.XXXXResearch Methods Course*
XXXX.XXXXResearch Methods Course*3
*See List A of approved courses. Other courses will be considered with coordinator's approval.

Occupational and Environmental Health
Course #Course NameCredits
PUBH.5100Fundamentals of Occupational & Environmental Health3
PUBH.5510Work Environment Policy3
PUBH.5750Epidemiology and Biostatistics3
PUBH.6160Exposure and Risk Assessment3
PUBH.6191Measurement of Chemical Exposure3
Course #Course NameCredits
PUBH.7590Doctoral Dissertation12
Degree requirements include at least 16 credit hours of courses beyond the master's degree plus at least 12 credits of dissertation research for a total of 36 post-master's credit hours beyond any previous graduate degree.
Total credits = 36 (must be at least 36 post-master credits)

Last updated 8/10/2020