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College of Health Sciences

School of Nursing

The UMass Lowell Solomont School of Nursing at offers the following graduate programs:


The philosophy of the Solomont School of Nursing reflects beliefs regarding person, environment, health, nursing and education. People have unique, individual qualities and basic needs for respect, worth and recognition of personal dignity. They have the right to make choices and establish goals, which influence and are influenced by the environment. Health is a dynamic state of physiological, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. Nursing is a health care discipline guided by professional standards of care to support individuals, families, groups and communities in the promotion of health throughout the life span.

Education is a self-actualizing, creative, lifetime endeavor involving values clarification, progressive systematic inquiry, critical analysis and judgment. The bachelor's nursing program incorporates a liberal education with generalized preparation in professional nursing. The master’s program is predicated upon a baccalaureate nursing education and prepares individuals as advanced practice nurses. The doctoral program builds on both the generalized preparation in professional nursing and the specialist preparation at the master’s level to prepare nurse scholars in health promotion.