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Degree Pathway - Master of Education - Educational Administration - Principal

Master of Education - Educational Administration - Principal

The M.Ed. in Educational Administration: Principal Option is a 30-credit degree program. The program is a blend of online course work, field experience and practicum. 
The program is for Massachusetts teachers only.
  • Candidates must have three years of PK-12 teaching/professional experience and hold an initial or professional PK-12 license. 
  • Candidates must be working in a school system in order to complete field experiences in all courses. 
  • To build a systematic knowledge base, students are encouraged to take Group A courses before Group B courses, if possible
In order to enroll in the practicum, candidates must have a GPA of 3.250 and be employed in a public school district or in a charter or private school where the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are followed. Additionally, they must be mentored by a Principal or Assistant Principal who holds a MA Principal license.
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