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College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Economic & Social Development of Regions

Economic and Social Development of Regions Program

No Longer Accepting New Applicants in this Program!

Graduate programs offered:

Program Objectives 

The College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offers an interdisciplinary, advanced certificate and Master’s programs to prepare students to understand, analyze, and intervene in the economic development of regions. By development, we mean strengthening people's ability to meet their varied needs. This includes expanding the capacity to produce, but also includes strengthening the capacity to carry out constructive social activity (such as democratic decision-making) it is both economic and social. The regions involved can range from a single neighborhood to an entire continent. 

The degree program has three main objectives. The first is to provide students with a profound and practical understanding of the dynamics of development processes. Second, the program trains students in research skills that are useful for analyzing and tackling development problems. Third, students learn practitioners' tools for solving such development problems - tools that can be useful in a variety of settings including businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The program offers students flexibility in choosing the appropriate mix of research and practitioner skills to meet their needs and interests.

This program is no longer accepted students.