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Economic & Social Development of Regions

Graduate Certificate Program

No Longer Excepting New Students for This Program!
Economic & Social Development of Regions

Philip Moss

Robert Forrant

The 12 credit certificate offers graduate level instruction to students interested in understanding, analyzing, and intervening to enhance the economic and social development of regions. It provides students with a strong grounding in the conceptual tools and the information needed to participate effectively in the development of neighborhoods, states, or nations. 

Required Courses (all students):

  • 57.513 Foundations of Comparative Regional Development (3 credits)

Plus two of the following seven core courses (Total of six credits):

  • 57.503 Work, Technology, and Training (3 credits) 
  • 57.506 Research Methods in Economic and Social Development (3 credits) 
  • 57.511 Dynamics of Power and Authority, Diversity, and Inequality (3 credits) 
  • 57.537 Developing Economies 
  • 57.592 Qualitative Research Methods 
  • 57.593 Advanced Quantitative Methods 
  • 57.598 Organizational Dynamics in Regional Development
AND One Approved Elective (3 credits)

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