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Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The UMass Lowell Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering offers the following graduate programs:

The admission requirements of the University are to be followed for all degree programs in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. Students are required to submit official transcripts for all prior college level studies. 

  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for the M.S in Mechanical Engineering or the M.S in Industrial Engineering, but it is for the Ph.D. 
  • Two letters of recommendation must be submitted for the master's programs and three letters of recommendation are required for the Ph.D. 
  • Applicants for Master or Doctor of Engineering Degrees in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering must be in possession of a bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent. Mechanical Engineering graduates can also apply for the Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics.

Co-op Option in Engineering

The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering participates in the Graduate Master's Co-op Option in Engineering. For detailed information about the Co-op Program and curriculum requirements, please see the Graduate Catalog Engineering Co-op page.

Updated 2/9/24