Student Financial Services

Mandatory Fees & Tuition – Undergraduate and Graduate

Campus Technology Fee
The Campus Technology Fee supports the technology infrastructure and educational environment necessary to meet the technological demands of the UMass Lowell community.

Graduation Fee
To provide funding for the services and activities related to the annual Graduation and Commencement Program.

  • Undergraduate Students are billed a Graduation Fee when the student is classified as senior.
  • Graduate Students are billed a Graduation Fee when the student has completed 21 credits.

Operating Fee
The Operating Fee provides an ongoing revenue stream for services that support student life throughout the campus community, including instructional activities (laboratory supplies and equipment upgrades) and adjunct faculty salaries. The campus library and student services (including athletics, counseling and health services) are supported by these funds, as well as facilities, financial aid and administrative services.

Student Activity Fee
The Student Activity Fee supports programs and activities from recognized student organizations that are beneficial to students and enrich current campus student life, including arts, athletics, clubs and recreation and other student-focused programs.

Tuition rates are established annually by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Waivable Fees

Health Insurance 
Massachusetts state law requires that all students be enrolled in a student health insurance program that meets the comparable benefits established by the state of Massachusetts. You may waive coverage if you have this coverage under a comparable benefit plan. 

How to Waive a Health Plan: 

Once you complete the online waiver process, you can see the charge removed on your Account SummaryView more on Health Insurance.

This fee supports the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (Mass PIRG), a student-interest advocacy group. This fee is voted on by student referendum and billed per semester. All students can choose to waive this fee if desired.

How to Waive Mass PIRG

  • Access Waivable Fees
  • Find the fee, select the box to waive it and click Submit
  • A message will appear indicating you successfully waived the fee

Once you receive this message, you can confirm your selection. Click Account Summary to link to your tuition and fee charges. Click Current Term then View Account Detail. The Mass PIRG fee should show a $0 amount.

General Undergraduate Fees

College & Department-Specific Fees
Certain colleges and departments charge fees to provide resources for college expenses not supported by the operating fee, which include supplies and equipment used in introductory and higher-level courses, maintenance and upgrade of laboratories and other college facilities, software licenses and other curriculum-related costs.

Nursing Exit & Specialty Exam Fee 
Each nursing student must pass a national nursing license exam to practice as a nurse upon graduation. This rigorous test of nursing knowledge and skills evaluates the individual student and monitors the quality of nursing education.

General Graduate Fees

The Advanced Health Assessment Fee is charged to nurse practitioner graduate students enrolled in course 33.651. These students are taught health assessment skills in hospital settings.

Conditional Fees

First-Year Student Services Fee 
The First-Year Student Services Fee provides a strong first-year experience to enhance retention for all students. The fee supports orientation programs and ongoing student services for first-year students and transfer students. This is a one-time fee for all students who are continuously enrolled (i.e., undergraduate students that go directly into a graduate program) and is assessed in the first semester that a freshman, transfer or new graduate student enrolls or matriculates in a degree/certificate program. Students who leave the University and are readmitted may pay this fee again when they return to UMass Lowell.

International Student Fee
International students require special services and assistance with visas and other immigration forms before and after they arrive on campus. This per-semester fee helps defray the cost of the necessary staff, equipment and consultants to coordinate international student services.

Late Fee
A $50 charge is assessed to anyone currently enrolled with an outstanding balance and without a legitimate exemption as of the due date on the invoice. 

Exemptions include participation in the Tuition Pay Plan administered by Sallie Mae, sufficient outstanding financial aid and/or loans or direct billing of an approved third party.

Tuition Surcharge
The Board of Higher Education mandates a surcharge on Massachusetts state university and college students who take more than a required number of credits to graduate. The charge applies only to in-state and regional program undergraduates who began their studies at UMass Lowell. 

This surcharge rate is equivalent to the out-of-state rate, per credit, for each credit in excess of 118 percent of "required credits" for the baccalaureate degree. "Required credits" shall include those for single and double majors, minors and credits required for formal certification or licensing. In addition, credits accumulated in the Division of Continuing Education (DOCE) courses will not be included in the count. Where appropriate, the surcharge will be itemized on the student’s invoice.