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Undergraduate Major
Computer Science is the study of the design and use of computer systems. The goal of the computer science curriculum is to provide students with the tools to identify those problems that are best solved by means of a computer and to design and implement effective, economical and creative solutions.

The curriculum’s required courses give students a strong foundation in both the software and hardware aspects of computing, as well as the mathematics and science that underlie the discipline. The electives in the later years allow students to study a particular area of computer science in greater depth. An option in Bioinformatics is available for those wanting to focus on applications of computer science to molecular biology, biochemistry and medicine.

Program Requirements can be found in the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

Course grids for students who become CS majors:

Undergraduate Major + Robotics Minor
The Computer Science major may be combined with a minor in Robotics, giving you a strong foundation in computer science plus significant disciplinary expertise in mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and in robotics itself.
See details at the Robotics Minor program web site.

Computer Science Minor
The Computer Science minor is primarily intended for students in the sciences, engineering or other field with a substantial quantitative component who are looking to acquire a fairly deep CS background to complement their major. A student who successfully completes the coursework gains depth in CS beyond the requirements of the student's major department. 

Program Requirements