The Richard A. Miner School of Computer & Information Sciences has active research programs that support both graduate and undergraduate students. We have close ties with regional and national high-tech companies and research labs/institutes, who employ our current students and alumni.

Our research is funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Office, Department of Energy, and other government and industry sources.

Our research encompasses algorithms, artificial intelligence, assistive technology, bioinformatics, computer architecture, computer science and engineering education, cyber security and privacy, data mining, database systems, embedded systems, graphics and visualization, human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, machine learning, medical informatics, natural language processing, networking, program analysis, programming languages, robotics, sensor networks, web technology and wireless networks.

For more information on our research, please click the links below!

Faculty Research Groups

The faculty here at UMass Lowell are very active in research. Those with similar interests form groups, who meet to discuss areas of research.  For more information on each group, including who is involved, associated research labs, and what kinds of topics the group is involved in, click the links below.

Research Labs

Many faculty members direct research labs here at UMass Lowell, where they employ students to help them carry out their research. For more information on each group, including who runs the lab, what kind of research the lab does, and how to get involved, click the links below.

Research Facilities

Some faculty members additionally run facilities that are located off campus, but are still associated with the university. To learn more and get involved, click the links below.

Student Testimonials