The New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE) Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is a dedicated research, testing, and training facility.

Flythrough tour of the UMass Lowell NERVE Center

The UMass Lowell NERVE Center is an interdisciplinary robotics testing, research, and training facility that evaluates robotic capabilities, human performance, and human-robot interaction. The mission of the NERVE Center is to improve the development of robot systems by enabling evaluation across many domains including industrial automation, exoskeletons and wearable robots, and disaster response.

The NERVE Center develops test methods and metrics for measuring robot capabilities, human performance, and human-robot interaction. Test and evaluation services are available on-site, in the field, and remotely. The NERVE Center can provide test apparatuses, sensors, data collection, personnel, logistics, and data analysis. Affiliated faculty include those from Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Physical Therapy, and Biomedical Engineering.

The UMass Lowell NERVE Center provides benchmarking tools for robotic manipulation such as the YCB Object Set and the NIST Assembly Task Board!

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Collage of three domains: human movement and performance measurement, unmanned aerial vehicles, and industrial robot manipulators