Assessing the health and safety issues of your workforce is a vital first step for meaningful intervention planning. You will first need to know what issues are important to your workforce before you can develop a focus for your program. Involve employees at all levels of the organization to ensure that all perspectives are represented.

There are several ways to gather information that is useful. When possible, begin by collecting existing data such as reports of medical and/or workers compensation claims, administrative data on absenteeism and lost time. Equally important to assess is employee perceptions about their health concerns, and ways in which their work impacts their health.

Measurement instruments are available through many sources, some in the public domain. Use some of these tools (or equivalent instruments from other sources) to generate new data where there are gaps. The Steering Committee should play an important role in overseeing the data collection process, and should be closely involved in interpreting results and establishing priorities with the Design Team.

Workforce Assessment Resources

Intervention Planning Resources

  • CPH-NEW Resources for Intervention Planning (pdf) - a list of resources to assist with intervention planning and evaluation identified through the use of the Healthy Workplace All Employee Survey
  • Job Stress Intervention Guide (pdf) - A guide for designing comprehensive, prevention-focused interventions to reduce workplace stress. To be used in tandem with IDEAS Step1 and Step 2.

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