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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Department of Political Science seeks to offer an intellectual rigorous program of study that will promote lifelong learning and support the wider mission of the University of Massachusetts Lowell.


The introductory courses for majors provide the freshmen experience and create common bonds among students in Political Science. Core offerings on American Politics and Policy have been augmented by others on comparative policies of countries ranging from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia to Southern Africa.

The Department also offers specialized courses related to gender and citizenship, political economy, race and ethnicity, and public policy of interest to students in a variety of majors across the University.

In addition to traditional courses in political thought, recent course offerings have included work in state theory, feminist political theory, current theoretical conflicts in constitutional interpretation, and the politics of arts and culture.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science consists of 36 to 45 credits of coursework in Political Science, and a Practicum involving 75 to 100 hours of practical experience in politics, law or government. The major begins with an introductory course in American government, comparative politics or international relations, and two classes on the methods and skills of the discipline. 

Students take upper level courses in four areas: American Politics, International Politics, Political Communication, and Law & Politics, completing the major with a practical experience in local government, law, or a service organization. Because many of our majors pursue careers in law and related fields, the department offers a variety of courses in constitutional interpretation, legal process, and other aspects of American and international law.

For more specifics about the Political Science major visit the undergraduate catalog.

Political Science as a minor area of study consists of 18-24 credits of course work. At least six credits must be taken in course work at the 300 level or above. Course work is selected by the student in consultation with his advisor. Students who desire to make the most effective use of a minor in Political Science in pursuing specific career objectives in occupational areas such as law, foreign service, business, management, and public service should consult with the political science faculty in choosing courses which are most appropriate as preparation for such career objectives.

For more information, visit the academic catalog.

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